The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas

This is my letter “H” pick for the A to Z reading challenge I’m working on [see link at the end of the review].


I’m a 59 year-old white woman who has not clearly understood everything wrapped around the shootings of black people by the police. Sad? Yes. But to start a whole movement because of it? I didn’t understand. I remember saying to someone one time, “Don’t all lives matter?” They were quick to point out that is not politically correct. While I still don’t necessarily understand or agree with that, Angie Thomas has opened my eyes to the movement in this thought provoking book.

The main character is Starr – a 16 year-old  girl who has seen two of her best friends killed in shootings. Her parents have sent her and her siblings to a suburban school away from all the violence and crime in the neighborhood where they live. Starr feels she has two personas – one where she is the only black girl in a white suburban school and is accepted there, and the other is the girl she becomes in her neighborhood. It’s hard to keep track of who she needs to be when at certain times.

The book deals with all different angles of the shooting of Starr’s black childhood friend. He was shot by a white policeman. Subjects touched on are profiling, gang activity/intimidation, interracial relationships, and the perceived unfairness of the judicial system.

This is not the corner of the world I’m familiar with – even after living in Chicago for four years at one time. I thank Angie Thomas for opening my eyes to a different version of what has happened time and time again. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone. Four and 1/2 out of 5 stars!

2018 AtoZ Reading Challenge


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