Letter F – The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton

The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton [Washington Square Press – 2008]The Forgotten Garden

This is my first book of the A to Z Reading Challenge – Letter F! **** out of 5

I normally don’t read 500+ page books in 2-3 days, but luckily(?) I came down with a bit of a cold and gave myself permission to rest and read. The cold is better and the book is read. Pictured above is my reading partner and shadow, Harper Lee (yep – she is named after the author).

This is quite the family saga. The story takes place in three different time periods – the early 1900’s, around 1975, and 2005. There is a string of characters that weave in and out of those periods. It was a bit confusing to keep track of who was who at times. About 1/3 of the way through the book I wrote out a character tree which helped a lot. I referred back to it many times.

The story jumps back and forth between the time periods throughout the whole book. If that’s something you don’t enjoy, this book probably isn’t for you. This is not a fluff book that you can just sit and read to pass the time. Reading it requires a bit of thought to keep track of the characters and which time period they are in because some of them appear in more than one. It is a mystery that kept me guessing until the author decided to explain everything. I had unwoven some of it – some of it caught me by surprise.

In my opinion it is very well written and worth the time it takes to read it. Harper Lee and I very much enjoyed our time with the book – me reading and her sleeping. I will most certainly look for more Kate Morton books to read.

2018 AtoZ Reading Challenge


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